Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Does getting rid of a pet REALLY make you a bad owner?

I recently saw a website where people were bickering back and forth where getting rid of a pet makes you a bad owner. Some have worked in animal shelters, and some have not. Here are my own opinions:

Those who do just abandon pets either because they can't take care of them, or they don't have the time doesn't make them bad people. They simply got their selves in a bigger spot than they wanted. Instead of dumping the poor animal on the side of the road, however, they could have simply taken it to an rescue center.

I saw one person say "I don't feel bad for families who keep pets for a lifetime, only to give them up when they lose their job... etc, etc." I'm sorry, but if someone loses their job, they would have no means to buy themselves food- let alone food for the pets. Humans need to live, too. People don't know the exact circumstances to why the pets were given up. But 9 times out of 10, if the person really cared for the pet, they would find a great home for it.

I have 3 cats, and one of them was saved from a really bad life. She and her other brothers and sisters lived in a tiny shelter- with barely any food, water. Also, the shelter was not heated, nor was it cooled off in the summer. Now, she is 5 years old and healthy. Her daughter is not in the greatest of health, but we don't plan on getting rid of her just because of that. She has been with us since she was born, and will continue to stay with us.

There are MANY reasons for why a pet is given up, and some of them are horrific and sad... but some are legitimate, and accusations just make everyone on edge and brings them to their boiling point.

Amanda K

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