Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stimulus Checks

The Stimulus Rebate Checks are a good idea... however, they send out these checks expecting people to spend them frivolously. My line of thinking is that we will not be just going to Wal-Mart and spending them all on junk we don't need- we will be using them to pay bills! The government wants us to buy, buy, buy, and that's not the case for most Americans.

Let's put it into perspective, shall we? Say you receive a $200 electric bill, and you have a stimulus check up to $600. What are you going to spend $200 of it on? That's right, that electric bill. Now, you must not forget that you have a water bill, your internet/cable bill, and the gas you have to put in your car. Where does that leave you? With very little money left to spend on groceries or food for your pets. Tell me, how does the government expect us to spend money on the economy when we must take care of ourselves? We need a house to live in. We need electricity to run everything inside of that house. We need gas in our car so we can get places. True, you could live without cable and the internet, but, in the day and age, it's not possible. I'm sure if you make over $150,000 a year, it's possible for you to spend $600 on a new TV, but we're talking about lower to middle class citizens who don't make over a 100k a year to buy all the finer things.

Bush made a statement this week stating that the checks (going out Monday) will help Americans with the rising gas and food prices. Also, it will help the slumping economy. Not true, Mr. President. You have a salary BEYOND most Americans. If the gas prices reach as high as $6, no one will be spending the money on gas. If food prices continue to rise, no one will be able to afford food to feed their family.

So, spend your checks wisely. If you feel you need a new pair of shoes- go ahead. However, if you have an over-due water bill, I would take care of that first.

Amanda K